About Us


Brings to you products that are hand crafted, hand woven as opposed to glitzy, expensive and mass manufactured items seen in every other home.

When you buy a product from ESS n ESS you are not only giving livelihood to the weavers and craftsmen across India but also supporting in preserving the traditional arts


Sunita Bali

Having worked earlier with International brands as design consultant and now with the weavers and craftsmen across India I assist them and make them understand the need to change and modify their designs to suit contemporary tastes. I have to often travel to remote areas where hand weaving is a home industry.

I bring together products that are handcrafted and Hand-woven and present and package them giving it an international appeal.

Here I have to say that working with weavers and crafts persons in remote areas, often un accebile, has contributed to my life as much as I have contributed to theirs.


Santosh Bali

I have been associated with the export trade for the last 40 yrs and working for stores like Hennes and Mauritz, Galleries Lafayete and Laura Ashley has given me an insight to assist in product development and quality control of the highest standards towards the products that are sold here on this web site.

My mantra is to create designs that have everlasting appeal and are not restricted to fashion or, a particular season or continent. Tradition and modernization, are two different approaches that can be combined with a fine synchronization to create unique products for today's market place.